Any questions for us ?

  • What is the concept of L'Épicerie Créole?


L’Epicerie Creole is a marketplace that allows, carefully selected, foreign brands to offer their products for sale to thousands of retailers in Europe. 


It creates contact between many professionals from all over the world. 


The goal is to showcase authentic producers with ethical and responsible values. 

We allow distributors to discover exceptional products with original flavours.


Purchase and resale are simplified thanks to our concept. 


  • How many distributors does L'Épicerie Créole have? 


Our platform brings together more than 60 physical and online stores around the world.

  • What are the delivery methods? 


The goods are carefully packed and shipped by the producers. 

You receive your package a few days later. 

The delivery is offered from 550€ purchase. 


  • When placing an order, what is the minimum purchase? 


The minimum purchase to place an order depends on the sales policy of the different producers. It varies between 12 and 24 units of products. 


  • How can a producer’s products be visible on the platform? 


As a producer, you can apply for free on our website, in the producer area. It takes about ten minutes. 


Our team is very reactive and does everything to respond as soon as possible. 


When the application is accepted, the producer has two weeks to certify his choice and give us the necessary information. 


  • What are the platform fees for producers?


Registration to offer your products on the platform is completely free. 


Then we deduct a small portion of the producer’s payment:

When a new distributor places its first order, L'Épicerie Créole receives a 15% commission excluding tax. 


Subsequent orders from the distributor in question will only be charged 10% commission excluding tax by the platform. 


If a customer already known to the producer wishes to order via our website, it is possible ! In this case, the producer will receive 100% of the profits related to his order. In other words, there will be no commission on the sale for the orders of the already known customer in question. 


  • Is there a system of sponsorship between producer and distributor?


Yes, being a producer and sponsoring a distributor is entirely possible. 


This action will allow the distributor to obtain many advantages such as: - 10% on the following order, a digital recipe booklet, product sheets and a highlight on social networks. 


The producer, meanwhile, will get a 0% commission rate on all orders made by the sponsored distributor. 


  • By whom and when was the Grocery Creole created?


L'Épicerie Créole was founded in 2018 by two women passionate about travel and exotic gastronomy. Thaïs Heraud is the co-founder and head of the company.