Any questions for us ?

What is the concept of L'Epicerie Creole?

The Epicerie Creole is a marketplace that allows authentic brands carefully selected from overseas producers to offer their products for sale to thousands of merchants in Europe. Our marketplace is only accessible to professional customers. We facilitate transactions between the overseas territories and local shops and we offer merchants payment terms, we pay the shipping costs between our warehouse and our distributors. ( Free multi-brand from 500Euros) 

Who’s in charge of L'Epicerie Créole?  

The Epicerie Creole was created by the founders of the EC brand. After having been confronted with the problems of exports and the difficulties of access between France and the island territories with their brands they have decided to propose a new solution . The ambition is to connect the best overseas brands with the best boutiques in Europe. 100% dedicated to professionals, adapting the codes from B2C to B2B. We believe that we can help local trade and producers in the overseas territories. 

How soon will my brand be visible on the platform?

Our team responds quickly. If your application is accepted, someone will take charge of putting your products online.

Once your application is accepted, you have 2 weeks to put your products online. 

How many stores are present on L'Epicerie Créole? 

In which countries are you present today?

We have more than 60 stores registered on the platform. In Europe, we are present in Spain, Belgium, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. We are also working with Saint Barthélémy, Morocco, and Senegal.  And this is just the beginning!

Who ships the goods?  

Option 1: By the producer. 

Option 2:  Through the platform. In order to facilitate the presence of ultra-marine products in France, we provide you with a space in France, an extension of your stock. 

As a marketplace, we have to insist on the notion of pronto: when you receive an order, you have to be responsive to deliver it.

What’s the commission for me, the brand?

The commission is:

- 15% excl. tax on the amount of the merchant’s orders

- 0% lifetime commission on all orders from this merchant to you

If you manage to bring a merchant from your Network (existing customer, salon customer or prospect) back to the platform:

- Offer him a welcome pack, which consists of product training; a book of exclusive recipes etc.

We make every effort to get you new customers (newsletter, advertising, presentation calls, etc.). A VRP or Agent would take 20%, on all orders, which would cost you more, with much less additional services.